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Piano at Echidna Studio  Piano at Echidna Studio


All rooms Acoustically treated
Main Room. 10 metre x 7 metres x 5 metres high minimum parallel surfaces. 12 sends
and two returns at one end 10 sends two returns at other (20 sends 4 returns total)
Drum Room 6 meters x 5 meters 16 sends 2 returns
Vocal Room (for isolation if needed as alternative to control room) 3 meters x 1.8
meters 4 sends 1 return
Control Room 6 meters x 5 meters
Kitchen 4 meters x 2.5 meters 4 sends 2 returns, Stove and food preparation facilities.
Bathroom Includes shower and toilet
All rooms are networked allowing direct video and mouse/keyboard control of the main
computer from any location


2 x Focal twin 6 BE. 2 x small Genelec and Genelec sub
Beyer Dt150 cans, Beyer DT 990, Extreme isolation headphones, various Sennheiser and
AKG cans

1 x Focusrite ISA 828 8 channel transformer balanced, with digital out card and inserts on
each chanel.
1 x Forsell SMP-2 discrete fet stereo mic pre (excellent for ribbons and anything else)
2 x AML ez1073-500 mic pre-amp, line amp, EQ/Filter module (Faithful Neve 1073
6 x AML ez1073 1RU mic pre-amp, line amp, EQ/Filter module (Faithful Neve 1073
clone carnhill trannies etc)
1 x Sebatron 4 channel valve mic pre
2 x custom stereo class A valve mic pre
4 x Classic API VP-312 (API 312 type for 500 series) Includes Jensen input trannies as
use in the original 3124 and 512c
2 x Classic API VP-26 (with replica output trannies from old API desk)
1 x A-Designs REDDI tube DI box.
1 x Telefunken V74 line amp good as a mic pre on loud sources
1 x Telefunken V72a mic amp

Channel strips and compressors
2 x UA 2-1176 stereo fet compressor limiters
2 x Purple audio 500 series fet compressors
1 x Dual LA-2A (Faithful Silent Arts recreation of 2 x 1968 style mono LA-2A with
matched Kennetex opto's for mastering or tracking)
1 x Avalon 737 valve compressor channel strip
1 x UA LA-610 valve mic pre compressor
1 x Tube tech SMC 2B Multiband Valve Opto Compressor

2 x Pultec EQP-1A , faithful point to point recreation with original Triad and Peerless in
and out transformers and tube rectifier. *please see notes at bottom
1 x Antelope Orion 32 channel AD/DA + 16 channel digital (total 48 in and 48 out)
1 x RME MADI FX PCIE card (total 192 in 192 out (40 analogue in 32 analogue out
through orion via MADI port)
1 x 8 channel digital card in ISA 828
Control Surfaces
1 x Euphonix MC control

Operating System either by request –
MAC OSX or Win 7 64 bit
Software cont....
Samplitude 12 ProX suite
Cubase 6 32 or 64 bit
Protools 10 (11 is availoable also)
Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer
Steven Slate Plugs
Eventide Ultra Verb

1 x Microtech Geffell Um70
2 x IOAudio MK47 handbuilt Neumann U47 clone, beezneez M7 capsule
2 x OPR Boutique modded ribbon mics (lundahl transformers 1.8 micron ribbons)
2 x OPR “The Grill” Umod Royer style ribbon (samar transformer and 1.8um ribbon)
1 x OPR ”The Rocket” U-mod long path Ribbon (Samar Transformer and 1.8um Ribbon
1 x Rode K2
1 x Neumann M147 valve mic
2 x Neumann U89
2 x Schoeps CMC6 MK2 (omni)
2 x Schoeps CMC6 MK4 (cardiod)
1 x Schoeps CMC 6 MK5 (switchable cardiod and omni)
1 x Schoeps CMC5 MK41 (hypercardiod)
1 x Milab DC96B
1 x Milab DC63
2 x Milab VM44 (with omni and cardiod capsules)
1 x Milab BDM-01 (kickdrum mic)
3 x Sennheiser M421
1 x Sennheiser M441
1 x Sennheiser M431
3 x AKG 451
1 x AKG 452
2 x AKG C3000 ealier model
1 x AKG D112 kickdrum
1 x AKG D3000 Kickdrum
1 x AKG SE-300 ck911 x Custom Sub Kick
1 x AKG shotgun
2 x Oktava MC112
1 x Cascade large diaphragm condenser
1 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure SM 57
Plus more mics

** some guitars by prior arrangement only as maybe fragile
Yamaha C7 Grand Piano well tuned and maintained
Rhodes 73 MK11 Stage Piano, electric piano very good condition and well maintained
Hammond L-100 organ
Leslie 251 Speaker - the leslie is exactly the same as a 147 but
with an extra channel and set of speakers a the sides for reverb. Same tube sound
Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit with Sleishman 4.5” wood
Ludwig Black Beauty
6.5” metal snare
1 set Latin Percussion Tito Puente Pure Brass Timbales
Various other percussion instruments
Gibson 1968 ES345
1980’s G & L Strat
1972 Takamine Jumbo Steel string guitar
Godin solid body electric guitar
Godin Jazz Spruce guitar
Godin Grand concert nylon guitar
Manuel Adalid Esteve classical guitar, great guitar great intonation
Ibanez AS207, 7 string Jazz guitar
Ibanez GB10
Hand made 7 string Classical lattice braced carbon fibre reinforced guitar, slightly fire
damaged but plays well

Leslie 251 Speaker - the leslie is exactly the same as a 147 but
with an extra channel and set of speakers a the sides for reverb. Same tube sound
Mesa Boogie mk11 simulclass
Quilter Micropro 200 8”
Peavey Classic 30
Fender 75 12” all valve point to point
Ashdown Acoustic radiator 1
Henricksen Jazzamp 110
Various other speaker cabinets

* Currently under construction due for installation Jan 2014




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